Relieving Dental Anxiety

Caring Team, Calming Environment, Comfort Options

When you arrive, our friendly team members will listen intently to your concerns to better address your dental anxiety. We’ll do all we can to put you at ease.

Our beautiful office is designed for your comfort. Most of our care rooms feature a view of a serene courtyard and fountain. But if you’d prefer solitude, we can also provide a private care room.

We can also help calm you with:

  • Fresh-baked cookies
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Headphones

What Dental Sedation Can Do For You

Dr. Boehme have undergone thorough training and have over a decade of combined experience in administering dental sedation to relieve your dental anxiety and provide comfort throughout your visit.

Maybe you had a bad experience at the dental office as a child. Some people even know they need dental care but do not seek it out because they fear judgment.

No matter the cause, dental sedation can help put you at ease. Most of our patients only remember a pleasantly foggy impression of their entire visit!

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry and the use of dental sedation, most treatments can be virtually pain-free! You should also know our office is a guilt-free zone – our compassionate team will never make you feel judged.

Your Dental Sedation Options

Because every patient’s dental anxiety is unique, we give you choices when it comes to relieving your stress. Our Idaho Falls dental office offers three dental sedation options.

  • Inhaled sedation is a gas mixed with oxygen that you inhale through a small mask. We can administer this form of sedation to most patients, including children. Just inhale and your worries will melt away as you drift into a dream-like state.
  • Oral conscious dental sedation is administered in the form of a prescription pill that you take at a predetermined time before you visit our office. You’ll arrive fully relaxed and will only have a foggy memory of your treatment.
  • IV sedation is the strongest form of dental sedation we offer. You will stay conscious so we can communicate with you, but most patients don’t remember a thing!

For your safety and comfort, we carefully monitor your level of dental sedation during treatment. You will need a trusted friend or family member to drive you to and from your visit.

So you won’t feel rushed, we can also provide extended appointments by request.