When a tooth is missing between two crowns, the gap can be filled with a dental bridge. A bridge is a single set of two crowns with a tooth connected between them. The two outside crowns are set over teeth on either side, anchoring the bridge and holding the center tooth in place. The result is three permanent, functioning teeth with no gaps between them.

If you have missing teeth, either in back where you chew, or in front where you smile, ask us at Clearwater Dental how we can fill those gaps with a Dental Bridge. We offer a wide range of options for missing teeth at our practice.


Our dental bridges have a number of benefits for those with missing teeth:

  • A dental bridge looks just like your natural teeth.
  • Our dental bridges are custom-crafted for each of our patients. Because they are custom crafted, each dental bridge is made to fit your mouth and your smile perfectly.
  • A dental bridge can help preserve your other teeth. Frequently those who are missing teeth on one side of their mouth will chew more on the other side. This causes the teeth that are being used more frequently to wear down quicker–causing a number of additional dental problems from discomfort to potential misalignment.

If you choose to have a dental bridge from Clearwater Dental, our team will make sure that your bridge is made to fit your mouth. Our team are skilled in dental bridge installation, and will do their best to make you comfortable and relaxed during this dental procedure.